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An avid collector and an extreme lover of music as a youngster, DJ Kwiet Storm spent his allowances and any other money earned on new records and cassette tapes. It was always an infatuation of having new music, especially new music that no one else had. He put his lifelong love of music to use in 1997 when he started his career. While attending Lincoln University (MO), he began spinning at his fraternity’s after parties, which then turned into a contract as one of the main campus DJ’s. He was one of the most requested DJ’s by the other organizations, including the Student Government Association, Campus Activity Board and other Greek Organizations. This afforded him the opportunity to DJ for some of the campus’ biggest events during Homecoming and Springfest; which included concerts, comedy shows, pageants, fashion shows as well as a host of other events. 

After completing school, Kwiet Storm moved back to Chicago and began focusing on building a mobile DJ company that would allow him to continue to use his skills, as well as making use of his other attributes. So in 2003 along with his younger brother, 360 Entertainment was created. As the company was building, Kwiet Storm performed at private parties, weddings, block parties and other events. Some of these events earned him a chance to land contracts with some of the biggest companies; McDonald’s, Jackson Hewitt, University of Chicago and others. This also helped in broadening his musical horizon, which added on to the genres of music he was spinning, thus making him more versatile. 

Realizing that he was still a small fish in a big pond, Kwiet Storm ventured out to the lounge/club scene to get his name out there. In 2007 he started spinning for the one of the social clubs on Monday nights and started to gain popularity among the rest of the social, car, bike and van clubs. While building his popularity on the scene, Kwiet Storm has worked with some other popular DJ’s such as DJ Slugo, DJ Diego, DJ Armando, DJ Rell, DJ Buckwild, DJ Big Chud (aka Harold Mac), DJ Stew and a number of others. Being known for always breaking and having the new music, his popularity increased and Kwiet Storm has been sought out as one of the main DJ’s on the social club scene. 

He has competed in and won battles, hosted parties, and put out mixtapes. 

Always making moves, he has recently become part of the DJ crew, Blok Club DJ’s. His versatility and ability to keep up with the music industry’s constant changes makes Kwiet Storm a DJ to look out for.

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